Electric Bike/ Scooter Charger

Specifications :

  • Input Voltage 180 - 280VAC, 47-53Hz.
  • Output Voltage 50.4V/54.6V/58.8V/63.0V/67.2V/71.4V. 5.0A / 6.0A Constant charging current.
  • 3Pin AC power cord attached. Surge, Over load, Over temperature & Short circuit protection available.
  • Battery Charge level indicator - 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%. Battery over charge protection & Auto shutdown after full charge.
  • Battery reverse polarity protection. Identification of Battery deep discharge and reduce the charge current, Until Battery Voltage reaches normal. 

Specifications for Electric Bike/ Scooter Charger

Part Codes :

S No. Part Code Output Voltage Output Current AC Plug DC Plug Ref Image
1 Electric Bike/ Scooter Charger Suitable for 48V, 60V 72V NMC & LFP Battery 6A, 8A & 10A 3 pin AC 1.2 mt with IEC connector
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