Adaptors for Coffee / Tea Vending machine

Description :
These Adaptors are designed to provide all the power requirements for vending machines application up to a power level of 90W with a dual output. They have been designed to operate for wider AC Input range (150 - 300VAC) and to withstand the adverse Indian power conditions. They are designed with high-frequency switching technology which makes them highly reliable, cost-effective, and compact in size and light in weight.

Salient Features :
Wider AC input range from 150VAC to 300VAC makes it ideally suitable for Indian power conditions. 
2. Protected against Over Load, Short Circuit, Over Voltage & Over Temperature. 
3. Works under low voltages and protects high voltage where the linear fails.
4. Compact size and lightweight. 
5. Designed to meet all the EMI/EMC and Safety Requirements.

Specifications for Adaptors for Coffee / Tea Vending machine

Input Voltages : 100 - 300VAC
Input Current: 800mA rms
Input Frequency : 47HZ - 63HZ
Output Load Regulation: +/- 5% of output voltage
Output Voltages : 24.0V & 12.0V
Output Current : 3.0A & 1.0A

Part Codes :

S No. Part Code Output Voltage Output Current AC Plug DC Plug Ref Image
1 MBEK240300 24V & 12V 3.0A & 1.0A 30 CM with Open wire 30 CM with Open wire
2 EGBK240300 24 V 3.0 A 30 CM with Open wire 30 CM with Open wire
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